Motivational training builds confidence

On Your Feet Presentation Skills courses are enjoyable, intensive learning experiences. Attendees take a great deal of information on board and get to practice new knowledge in a friendly, supportive environment.

Training is flexible and group sizes are ideally 8 to 12, however, anything from one-to-one coaching to seminar situations with 100 plus delegates can be catered for.

On Your Feet coaches are committed to improving the skill sets and confidence of our attendees. The training objectives are designed to ensure you get the most from every minute we spend together.

Training with On Your Feet Presentations is not for the faint-hearted. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate the learning in a fun and supportive environment. If required we can film presentations and offer precise, useful feedback and encouragement. Whatever ability level you currently enjoy, we will push you to the next level.

On Your Feet offers flexible training programmes from basic introduction to advanced level.

Content includes:

The three essential secrets you must know to be a great speaker
How to gain confidence and conquer nerves
Adapting your style for the presentation and the audience
The art of persuasion and making the message memorable
Audiovisual – the options, plus the pros and cons of PowerPoint
Using the voice – keeping attention using the four Ps
Understanding the Environment
Organising the material – Structure and staying on track
Dealing with the audience and handling questions
How to keep your audience interested and engaged
Representational systems – understanding communication methods
Importance of body language in presentations
Destroying some presentation myths
Use of humour
Dealing with a hostile audience
Video feedback – filmed presentations with in-depth feedback